Wednesday Wellness: Positivity

by Mar 25, 2020

Happy Hump Day! You’ve made it to the mid-point of the week and Friday’s finish line is in sight! Each day brings us closer to the full-blossoming of spring–and then sunny summer. While the changing circumstances around you might have you feeling blue, we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out our curated sayings to take for a mid-week mood boost:



Wherever you are on your journey, wherever you are geographically, remember that even if your accomplishments feel small, you’re making a change in the world each and every day. And it’s easier to keep that in mind if you’re collaborating with and celebrating others rather than trying to compete with them. Together you can make an even bigger difference. Be sure to share these positivity tidbits with your co-workers and we’ll catch you back here tomorrow for even more tricks to keeping your chin up no matter what obstacles you encounter.



Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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