Monday Mood Booster: Endurance

by Mar 30, 2020

Right now it may feel like you’re running a marathon. Remember that life is always a marathon rather than a sprint! But in case you need an extra, extra reminder, today’s set of Monday Mood Boosters focus on endurance, both in body and in mind. Kick off your week by checking out our curated sayings below–and be sure to share these pick-me-ups with your co-workers:



Whether the marathon you’re running is literal or figurative, focus on the big picture ahead of you and keep moving towards your goals. Use that powerful forward momentum to inspire all those around you, whether they’re with you through the Internet or in your apartment, be they roommates, bosses, or colleagues. Visit our blog again tomorrow for even more ways to continue finding your strength during times of difficulty.



Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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