Monday Mood Booster: Weathering the Storm

by Apr 13, 2020

Welcome back! While the forecast for this week may have lots of rain in store, and it might feel easy to let that get you down–on top of the current, unprecedented circumstances–remember that it’s thanks to the rain that the spring flowers all around us can blossom even more beautifully. We’re here to provide you with a figurative bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds! Check out today’s collected sayings for an instant mood boost:



You have the strength to weather this storm–and to pull through this gloomy weather! Know that a burst of beauty is waiting for you on the other side. Let the rain refresh you instead of getting you down. And remember that you’re in this together with your bosses and co-workers. Check back throughout the week for even more ways to weather this storm.



Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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