Boost Your Workplace Energy Through Movement

by Apr 16, 2020

Working from home can have you feeling like you’re living entirely in the digital realm. But your body is still part of the workplace equation! And it’s easy to feel drained while navigating today’s uncertain, unprecedented terrain. Which is why today we’re focusing again on ways to maintain your energy in your new professional environment. The suggestions from the pros that we’ve highlighted below will provide you with a couple of surefire embodied methodologies to help you keep weathering this storm:


Our first tip comes from Dan Scalco at Entrepreneur: “Straighten up. When we’re tired at work, many of us have a tendency to slump in front of the computer. Our neck, shoulders and upper back round, and we sink further and further into our chair as the day goes on. Assuming this defeated posture can actually make us feel even more lethargic than we were before we sat down to work because it limits blood flow to the brain. Whenever you catch yourself slumping, commit to sitting up straight. Not only is using better posture easier on your spine, but it will also keep energy flowing through your body. Better yet, stand up, and take a short stretch break every time you find yourself in a (literal) slump. Return to your desk with a newly invigorated posture.” Keep that energy up by thinking and moving upward! Make sure that you’re sitting all the way up and taking chances to stand regularly throughout your workday so that you’ll be fully energized–that way you can keep on demonstrating your professional capabilities even if you’re working remotely.


We also love this trick from Ashley Stahl at Forbes: “Incorporate morning workouts. While it may seem like working your body out when you first wake up will cause you to crash even harder, the opposite is true…By working out, your body and your brain will have kickstarted into high gear so you can come into work feeling fresh and inspired. Exercise also helps you maintain better sleeping habits, and a study from the Sleep Foundation found that adults with insomnia fell asleep more quickly, slept slightly longer and had better sleep quality than before they began exercising.” Since you’re saving time by not commuting, you can use those minutes to get in a quick morning workout! Getting those endorphins flowing will also provide a daily mood boost. You can even reach out to your colleagues to start up a morning group Zoom workout session.

Speaking of group exercising while physically distancing, our fun recommendation for today is
DJ D-Nice’s daily dance parties, hosted via Instagram Live. You and your co-workers will be in great company, as thousands of people across the world have joined in–including celebrities like Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez! These long distance dance breaks are a great way to have fun and keep your energy up. We’ll see you back here tomorrow as we close out the week with our Feel Good Friday: Weathering the Storm edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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