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Ways To Cultivate Workplace Brightness At Any Pace

by Jun 9, 2020

For today’s set of tips and tricks, we’ll be exploring ways to create and share positivity in your workplace, bringing a bright approach to all of your professional endeavors. These methods will help you better examine your internal state of being as well as forging stronger bonds between you and your colleagues. We’re featuring an action you can take in seconds as well as an effort that requires a bit more time; keep both in your toolkit as a way to holistically approach increasing the brightness of your workplace environment.


We love this quick and easy way to let your light shine while boosting the mood of everyone around you from Robyn Whalen at TotalWellness: “Smile. Even when you don’t feel like it. The simple act of turning your frown upside down can help boost positive thoughts and feelings. Smiling tricks your mind into feeling happier. A genuine smile is also crazy contagious. Even if a sale just fell through or numbers are down, smiling at your co-workers helps remind them–and yourself–that everything will be okay.” To reiterate, this method is as easy as turning your frown upside down! Finding the silver lining as you face any obstacle is a skill that you can practice in the workplace and take with you into the greater world beyond. You have the power to instantly boost your brightness while sharing that light with others.


Our next tip from the pros at the Power of Positivity entails slowing down for a moment: “TAKE TIME TO THINK BEFORE RESPONDING. If something isn’t going your way, take the time to calm yourself down before firing off an angry email or confronting a coworker face to face. Taking a deep breath and deciding on your next move in a calmer fashion will help keep your workplace positive. Try to be as civil as possible in your dealings with coworkers, clients, and customers alike. Especially in a demanding, fast-paced workplace, this can be a hard ideal to reach. Do your best, and don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes.” Remember, it’s impossible to not make a mistake–everyone is only human. The trick is in how you recover from that mistake. To help you make the best possible impression, take a moment to breathe and reflect before responding to any situation that brings you down. Your calmness will allow your inner brightness to shine through.


It’s okay to not always feel or be okay. You aren’t a robot! The tips above are intended to help remind you of your own strengths when you’re feeling blue, to help remind you that you do have the ability to pull through any darkness life might throw at you. And to remind you that you can always find reasons to smile even amidst uncertain circumstances. Join us again tomorrow for our Wednesday Wellness: Brightness edition for even more ways to do just that.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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