Achieving Perseverance By Yourself And With Others

by Jun 16, 2020

Continuing this week’s theme, today we’ll be looking at concrete methods to take the brightness you’ve been growing and keep it going! Remember that your professional journey is a marathon, not a sprint–which is why developing a stronger sense of perseverance will help you weather any rocky moments at work. Remember, too, that there are many ways to approach building upon the foundation of your determination. Today we’re highlighting tips from the pros that’ll allow you to both collaborate with others and keep in mind your own strengthening abilities. Check out what they have to say below!


We love this trick from Duncan Muguku at ThriveYard that’ll help you both in and out of your workplace: “Cultivating a Supportive Network. Ask for help when you need it. Have a trusted confidant to talk to, open up, and share your feelings. Sometimes just talking through helps, it can also stimulate brainstorming for solutions and bouncing ideas around. Surround yourself with a network of supporters including family, friends, colleagues and neighbors who will be your cheerleaders. This team will support you, encourage you, check up on you and cheer you on towards the finish line. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and anxious by how much work and time it will take to accomplish the big picture, take a moment to reflect on and appreciate the progress you have already made. Small wins here and there are to be cherished. Visualize how good it will feel to finally succeed and let these good feelings motivate you. At the end of it all, victory is sweeter after conquering challenges. Don’t compare yourself with others; everyone’s journey is different so instead be inspired by others. Persevere when you face critics and opposition.” Teamwork really does make the dream work! Thanks to your careful attention to your workplace community, we know that you know who to turn to when things get tough. Let yourself ask for help when you need it. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign that you care enough about your work to recognize when the strengths of others are better suited to the professional task at hand. 


Isaac Wechuli at SuccessConsciousness offers up this gem: “Positive self-talk. Many people, who persevered until they achieved their goals, often encouraged themselves. It is hard to continue working, without seeing the fruits of your labor, and when your mind is clouded with negative thoughts. For you to maintain enthusiasm and hard work during difficulty, you must always encourage yourself with positive words. Tell yourself that you are a winner, and that nothing will make you give up. Encourage yourself by saying that you are not a quitter, because you possess the ability to overcome any obstacle that you might face. Engaging in positive self-talk will make you persevere, because it will build your self-confidence and help you maintain a positive perception toward setbacks.” If you’re looking for ways to keep up the positive self-talk, you’ve come to the right people–take a glance at any of our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mood-boosting sayings for a whole collection of positive saying that you can keep in your perseverance toolkit. 


And be sure to share those sayings with your co-workers! After all, everyone can use a bit of a pick-me-up during their work day no matter which day of the week it is. We know that you have the tenacity to develop a stronger sense of perseverance in both group and solo settings. No matter who’s around, know that you can succeed. Join us again tomorrow for a mid-week boost with our Wednesday Wellness: Perseverance edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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