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Celebrate Your Workplace Wins

by Jul 1, 2020

Today we’re looking at ways to celebrate your workplace wins in a way that balances out your needs and those of your colleagues. Your workplace community is an integral part of any professional success, as your co-workers have had an impact on each move you make at work. As you navigate your professional environment, make sure to acknowledge your role in the overall whole of your organization. The methods we’ve collected from the pros below will help you remember ways to celebrate your accomplishments and those of everyone around you.


Jodi Clarke, MA, LPC/MHSP at Verywell Mind offers up this great tip: “Include Others. When celebrating success it can be easy to forget others who may have helped us, in ways big or small, to reach the finish line. Including others in your celebration is a wonderful way to build and strengthen connection with coworkers, loved ones or others who helped you along the way. Give them specific feedback about the ways that they helped you achieve your goal and express gratitude for their help. People enjoy feeling helpful, appreciated and connected. When you celebrate success with others you are nurturing the kind of meaningful relationships that allow those same people to want to help you in the future.” Everyone in your life has contributed to each step you take; people appreciate having those contributions recognized. Including them in your celebratory moments also allows you to grow the size of your party. Seek out others who similarly approach workplace accomplishments in a positive fashion–surround yourself with positivity!


We love this suggestion from the pros at Mind Tools, providing a reminder that just as much as you champion others, you need to take time to acknowledge your own successes: “Recognize Your Own Achievements. Don’t forget to celebrate your own accomplishments, too! Find time to think about what you’ve achieved as part of your personal goal setting.This can boost your self-esteem, and your sense of autonomy and mastery. It can also increase your visibility, particularly if you share the credit with others. But avoid indulging in noisy self-promotion: it may seem like arrogance, your co-workers won’t appreciate it, and it could damage your reputation.” Take some time to figure out where the line between expressing excitement and bragging is; this means reflecting on your particular workplace community and the way your co-workers fit into that landscape. And also make sure you’re dedicating moments to celebrate that reflection, too, as getting to know your colleagues is its own achievement. 


Remember that your workplace community is also a team: when you strive towards a goal, you’re making those moves together. And every step you take will help you get closer to overcoming obstacles. Practicing gratitude for even those wins that may feel small will help you develop a better knowledge of your professional interconnectedness. Join us again tomorrow to look at even more ways to celebrate workplace wins with our Wednesday Wellness: Celebrate edition.


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