Re-Find Your Workplace Rhythms

by Jul 9, 2020

As much joy as a holiday can bring, there’s no way to avoid the fact that a day off can really throw off your workplace rhythms. So if this week following the Fourth has been a bumpy road, know that you’re not alone. Today’s tips focus on ways to cultivate positivity and self-compassion as you navigate your readjustment to your professional environment. Keep your chin up! And check out these handy suggestions from the pros that we’re highlighting below.


Every day offers up a fresh start. While this suggestion from Alex Shteingardt at Hays explicitly refers to your first day back in your workplace, you can also utilize these tricks to help you return to work at any point in time and no matter the reason why you’ve had to step away: “Establish a more positive mindset before your first day back. Moving from a negative mindset to more positive thinking won’t happen overnight, but practising positivity in the days leading up to your return can help…So, when you are thinking about your first day back at work, instead of focusing on the negative (e.g. your full inbox or a daunting client meeting), think about those elements within your role which you enjoy. Whether it is working on a particular project, spending time with a colleague, or even visiting your favourite coffee shop during your lunch hour. Focus your mind on the things you are looking forward to about returning to work.” Give yourself a chance to find comfort in returning to the productive rhythms in your workplace that you’ve keenly honed while you’ve worked there. And know that you’ve crafted your sense of adaptability through being able to both step away from your typical professional environment and return to it. Letting that flexibility shine will come in handy, as it’s a surefire way to impress your bosses! 


As you’re keeping a mind towards honing your productivity as you re-find your workplace rhythms, remember that self-compassion is a key component to growth. In discussing an extended break, Cheryl Lock at flexjobs offers up a tactic you can use no matter how long or why you’ve been out of the office:  “Be gentle with yourself. Whatever vision you have for your return to work—whether you’re hoping to take it slow or jump right back into the fire—be as flexible as possible. Three months was a long time for me to be away, and I was expecting things to pick back up slowly over a matter of weeks, or perhaps even months. What actually happened, though, was that I received a ton of assignments all at once. While it was so exciting to know that my skills were still needed…I was surprised, and somewhat stressed, with all those impending deadlines. Instead of stressing completely, I paced myself, asked for deadline extensions where needed, and took a breath. Getting back to work after time off is bound to be stressful, so be sure to go easy on yourself.” A great way to turn that gentleness into action is to  break down your assignments into smaller, more manageable chunks. This will also help you remember your professional tempos, your strengths as well as your areas of opportunity. Take a deep breath. And then make yourself a to do list.


Because you can do this! Opportunity exists all around you, even in instances that may initially feel like failures. Give yourself a pat on the bat (literal or figurative–we’re not judging!) how far you’ve come even as you acknowledge the long road ahead of you as you blossom even further within your professional environment. Let your internal rhythms guide you as you re-join the larger symphony of your workplace community. We’ll see you again tomorrow for our Feel Good Friday: Readjust edition!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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