Feel Good Friday: Chill

by Jul 24, 2020

Happy Friday! Today might bring you joy, frustration, or anything beyond and in between. And that’s okay! Accept your feelings without letting them overwhelm you or override your decision-making abilities. This is a key step to ensuring you stay on an even keel rather than running too hot. Find your inner state of coolness, calmness, and collectedness. The mood boosters we’ve curated for you to day will help keep you in the right mindset:



Finding moments of fun during your work day will allow you to let off a bit of steam, granting you a chance to recharge and enter into any workplace situation with a sense of calm. Know that you’re only human, and will experience the full range of human emotions–the trick is to channel those feelings into methods that most serve you in your professional setting. And remember that ultimately you’re striving towards your ideal version of yourself, with regards to both your career and beyond. Establishing and maintaining your sense of inner chill is essential to that process. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday for our newest set of Mood Boosters!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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