Preparation is the Key to Keeping Up Your Energy

by Aug 6, 2020

You’re almost at the end of your workweek! This close to the finish line, you might be feeling worn out and tempted to throw in the towel. But you need to keep up your energy–after all, you still want to put in a strong showing throughout today and tomorrow so that you can end your week on a high note that’s sure to impress any employer. When striving to keep up your energy throughout your workday, preparation is key. This applies to both your embodied approach to work and the physical space you’re working in. The pros we’ve turned to below offer up tips and tricks to keep your energy going and flowing all the way to the finish line.


We love the way this suggestion that Cassie Shortsleeve at Shape highlights is a surefire way to get your day off to a great start: “Heat things up. Coffee has its perks, but April Wachtel, a mixologist and founder/CEO of Swig+Swallow, a cocktail batching and delivery service says that her ideal trick for alertness involves another kind of hot liquid: jumping in the shower first thing in the morning. Brittney, 27, an administrator at a 24/7 call and support center agrees, saying that a hot shower is usually enough to provide a short burst of (much-needed) energy.” Whether you’re a CEO or hourly employee, you can use this trick to kickstart your mornings. We appreciate the way this is a cheap and easy energy booster, one that you can use even if you’ve run out of coffee. Let science work its wonders by waking yourself up before work with this trick.


This next method from Eric Titner at The Job Network also centers on getting ready in a physical way: “Prep your workspace. A comfortable yet functional workspace designed to keep your energy levels consistently high will help you get through long work shifts. If you work at a desk, try to avoid a too-cushy office chair that makes you want to take a nap every time you sit down, and keep the energy-draining work distractions on your desk to a minimum. If you’re on your feet most of the time, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and make time to take regular seat breaks when feasible. The key here is balance—you want to create a balanced mix of comfort and functionality where you’re not sitting idly the entire time or on your feet for 12 hours straight. Also, flexibility is important—keep what works and change what doesn’t. Trial and error is an excellent tool to learn and plan, and a well-thought-out work area will help you stay energized during a long shift.” Just as you need to be prepared to mentally change course, make sure you’re applying that same sense of flexibility to your physical surroundings. If you find yourself more inclined towards nodding off or spacing out in one configuration, it’s time to shake things up. And you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing that experimentation BEFORE it’s time to clock in, so that you can get off to a great start the moment it’s time to begin. 


Make sure you’re ending your day with the same kind of positive energy that you bring to the start of it; harness that positivity so that it will last you all day long. Preparation is key to creating and maintaining that kind of stamina. Remember, though, that practice makes perfect. So start practicing now! Allow yourself to strengthen an upbeat foundation. Doing so will allow you to brighten the days of everyone around you, bosses and colleagues alike. So keep your energy up and your unique light shining. We’ll see you back here tomorrow as we close out our week with the latest Feel Good Friday.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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