Wednesday Wellness: Adjust

by Sep 16, 2020

Happy Hump Day! At the week’s midpoint, make sure you’re taking moments to both reflect on the changes you’ve already had to navigate, and to make a game plan for any changes you anticipate needing to work through. Rather than simply reacting to change, be proactive! You are in control of how you respond and adjust to any new developments that arise. Keeping that in mind will allow you to demonstrate a greater sense of confidence and capability at work, which will impress any employer. To help you maintain that positive outlook, check out the sayings we’re highlighting for you today:



Change is a constant, natural part of life. Anticipate that, and make sure you’re remaining flexible in order to best adapt to every new set of circumstances. You have the ability and the strength to actively choose how you’ll respond to anything life throws your way. And you don’t just have to react to changes–you can make them, too! Each and every day, your contributions to your workplace create change. Whenever you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, remember that your actions have an impact. Visit us again tomorrow for even more ways to not just react but to act when it comes to making necessary adjustments in your workplace.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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