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Cultivating Hope Within Any Workplace

by Oct 6, 2020

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of obstacles, and we know that every workplace offers up challenges to navigate–but these are also opportunities that can spur personal and professional growth! The key is to figure out ways to move through challenging situations rather than letting them stop you in your tracks, to practice perseverance fueled by optimism. Even when things seem bleak, there’s always a silver lining to be found. And thinking positively helps you to act in a positive manner, which in turn helps to bring about positive changes. Make sure to not get caught in negative cycles of thinking, and to instead focus on concrete steps you can take to cultivate your hope within any workplace. The pros we’ve turned to below will help inspire you to keep on going, no matter what tasks you’re asked to tackle in your professional environment.


Constance Scharff Ph.D. at Psychology Today offers up this phenomenal tip: “Focus on What You Can Change. When we recognize what we cannot control, we also recognize what we can. We largely have control over what we eat, whether or not we choose to exercise or meditate. We have control over doing something productive during the day and taking time to rest. If we find that we have problems in these areas, we can seek help. By focusing on what we can change, we can be uplifted by acts of self-care.” Accepting that change is constant, and a standard part of life both in and out of the workplace is key to putting this method into action. Focus on concrete, professional actions you can take. As much as you want to make sure you’re “not sweating the small stuff,” in this case breaking down obstacles that feel overwhelming into small, manageable steps is a great way to identify and take control over your workplace circumstances. Doing so will allow you to proceed with a greater sense of optimism. And your positivity will be a surefire asset to any organization. 


We also love this scientifically-backed method from Tracy Brower at Forbes on “How Optimism Can Help Your Career”: “Be Present. One of the hallmarks of pessimism is worry about the future and negativism that can spiral out of control. One of the strategies for optimism is to stay more focused on the present. In fact, a brand new study from MIT found middle school students who practiced mindfulness experienced less stress. Be present in each meeting and each interaction with colleagues. Focus and give your best in every moment knowing that investment in the now will result in a positive future.” Cultivating and maintaining a sense of hope in your workplace will allow you to forge better connections with your colleagues and employers, as you’ll be better able to ignore any fears of what could be and focus on the interactions you’re part of in the present. So be present! Utilizing active listening is a great way to ensure that you’re not only hearing what it is your bosses and co-workers have to say but being fully mindful and absorbing all of the information each opportunity has to offer, which will add to your store of hope by providing you with concrete facts to keep irrational fears at bay. Having a sense of hope lets you better connect with members of your company and best allow your unique strengths to shine. 


Take a deep breath. Unclench your jaw. Relax your shoulders, and make sure you’re staying hydrated! These simple steps will help you to be present. Utilizing mindfulness will ensure that you’re cultivating a sense of hope based on what’s truly occurring in the present moment rather than being overwhelmed by fears of what could be. Keeping an open mind to the opportunities each workplace interaction can offer up will also fuel your professional optimism. Stay focused on what it is that you can change about any situations you’re currently encountering that may be contributing to a sense of fear. This will help you better allot your energy throughout your workday, which will allow you to engage in an optimal workplace performance. So take stock of your strengths! And we’ll see you tomorrow for a midweek mood boost with our Wednesday Wellness: Hope edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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