Monday Mood Booster: Present

by Oct 19, 2020

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. This week we’ll be focusing on ways to stay in the present within any professional setting, and providing you with the tools to maintain mindfulness. This will help keep you on task, allowing you to better pay attention to your co-workers and employers, and to engage in better time management while on the clock. We know it’s easy to get distracted amidst the current, turbulent circumstances. And you’re only human. Our goal is to remind you that you have the strength to focus on that which you can control. To keep that in mind, take a look at the sayings that we’ve curated for you today:



Stay in the moment. Let go of past events that have hindered you, and don’t let upcoming tasks overwhelm you. Though you may be experiencing difficulties in the present, they’ll come to an end–and staying mindful of what’s actually currently occurring around you will help you quell any fears of an unknown future, allowing you to instead create a positive present. Doing so will also help better connect you with your workplace communities, allowing you to fully listen and absorb information from both your bosses and colleagues. Visit us again tomorrow as we consider steps you can take to remain present and focused within your workplace.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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