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Monday Mood Booster: Cozy

by Oct 26, 2020

Welcome back! With this week’s overcast skies and colder temperatures (and the time to change the clocks back approaching this weekend), autumn is definitely here. These are days to focus on getting comfortable—though not complacent. And we’re talking about cozy not just within the context of fireplaces and warm beverages, but also with regards to getting comfortable within your workplace, adjusting to any new professional situation that comes your way. While tomorrow we’ll be offering up concrete tips to make those adjustments, today we’re focused on ways to mentally prepare for change so that you can respond efficiently and appropriately when your time to shine comes. Check out the sayings we’ve highlighted for you below in order to do just that:



The more you can become comfortable with change, the better. Change has always been a constant factor of life, and it’s even more so now that we’re living through unprecedented times. Remember that everyone around you is navigating uncharted territories, and conduct yourself with a professional empathy. As you practice this approach, it will become easier with each and every passing day. Commit to making that change. And you’ll feel comfortable amidst any workplace changes in no time! Join us again tomorrow as we explore ways to feel cozy amidst any professional situation.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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