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Wednesday Wellness: Readjust

by Nov 11, 2020

Welcome to the week’s midpoint! You’ve made it through the first half of this week, readjusting to your work routines and adjusting as necessary to any new changes that your professional environment has thrown your way. Congratulations! But we know that the week isn’t over yet–so there’s still more time to practice your readjustment strategies. While retraining your brain may feel like an overwhelming prospect, think of it instead as an opportunity to grow your capabilities when it comes to flexibility. To help keep you in the right mindset, check out the below sayings we’ve curated for you today:



Remember that change is a part of all aspects of life; even though the past adjustments you’ve needed to make may feel tiny, together they have added up to your present success. When you consciously choose to adapt to changes, you’re taking an active role in your life rather that passively reacting to circumstances that require readjustments. Exerting control over matters that are within your control is a great way to boost your mood–so make sure you’re consciously choosing to adapt! And know that you truly are bringing all of your past accomplishments with you each time you face and overcome a new challenge. We know you can settle back into the swing of things all the way throughout this week! Visit us again tomorrow as we provide concrete ways to maneuver through change in any workplace.


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