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Actively Adjusting Your Workplace Performance

by Nov 12, 2020

Amidst our current, turbulent circumstances, it’s important to remember that not every change that comes your way is outside of your control. You can create change, too! Make sure that you’re not only reacting and readjusting to situations that you encounter. Instead, be proactive. And not only is it okay if you can’t accomplish that change on your own–collaboration is key! Just as plays and films have directors who are able to provide feedback on actors’ performances, and much like the ways in which editors are able to critique the words of writers, receiving workplace feedback offers up an opportunity to have an outside set of eyes provide you with feedback on your professional performance. Check out what the pros below have to say for ways to actively adjust your workplace performance.


We love this fantastic, collaborative tip from John Turner at Thrive Global: “Ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is a simple way to become more proactive. You don’t just have to wait for your boss or manager to give you an appraisal. You can start a conversation by simply saying ‘What can I do to improve?’ You’ll be taking initiative and making an impression. You’re seeking out information and will learn what you need to know to improve at your job. This shows that you care, you’re interested in the job, and it makes you stand out. Not to mention, you’ll actually improve at your work and build skills. Asking for feedback is an effective way to be more proactive at work that takes very little time.” This method shows off your commitment to your workplace performance AND your time management skills! Figuring out how to improve at your job will allow you to complete tasks faster by prioritizing them appropriately relative to your unique skill set. Asking for feedback also shows that you trust the person you’re consulting, building up a further sense of community between you.


This next suggestion from the pros at Indeed builds upon the previous method, allowing you to further actively create change in your professional performance:  “Use feedback. If you’ve received any constructive criticism during annual reviews, performance reviews or other settings, implementing this advice should be your first step in improving your work performance. Feedback based on your performance is very useful not only to identify what you need to work on, but also to understand what your employer values and how you can become an indispensable employee. Criticism is a measurement of your performance and can give you a place to focus your efforts.” Instead of thinking of criticism in a negative light, view it as revealing your areas of opportunity–areas to focus on improving so that they shine as brightly as your unique workplace strengths! We love the way this trick also helps you to view your performance not just in an individual fashion but as a component of your overall workplace. And you’re a vital part of that professional environment! So, take pride and comfort in receiving feedback. If your supervisor is taking the time to provide feedback, it means they trust you to be capable of implementing it. Make sure that you’re not only receiving their critiques, but actively working to change your workplace performance each day.


Take making those changes one step at a time. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of adjusting, but if you break down that large task into smaller items on your to-do list, you’ll be able to improve in no time. And remember that not only is it okay to ask for help in this scenario, it’s necessary. Make sure you are asking for feedback about your workplace performance. It’s a great way to both actively strive towards improvement and demonstrate your commitment to your organization. While asking is an excellent first step, make sure that you’re then following up on the words you receive with actions. Change might be scary, but you can do it! For even more encouragement, join us tomorrow as we close out the week with our Feel Good Friday: Readjust edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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