How to Best Express Professional Gratitude

by Nov 24, 2020

So, you’ve realized that you have a lot to be grateful for within your professional environment. Now what? If you’re looking for ways to express your appreciation–and to do it most effectively–you’ll want to make sure to not only read but internalize today’s tips and tricks. The goal is not just feel a sense of gratitude within your workplace; you’ll need to actively practice gratitude, putting your thoughts and words into action. Doing so will strengthen your workplace community and allow your leadership qualities to shine through. Which is a surefire way to impress any employer! Check out the methods and suggestions offered up by the pros below.


We love this reminder from Jeremy Adam Smith at Greater Good’s Workplace columnAim for quality, not quantity. How do you convey authenticity? Details are decisive. When you are specific about the benefits of a person, action, or thing, it increases your own appreciation—and it tells a person that you are paying attention, rather than just going through the motions.” Crafting expressions of gratitude that are full of specificity will also help demonstrate your attention to detail. Expressing specific thank yous will show that you’ve been paying attention to what has been happening all around you at your place of work, and that beyond noticing those happenings, you care. So don’t worry about being a constant stream of appreciation. Instead, focus on nuance–focus on the ways you can express gratitude for each of your colleagues’ unique strengths.


Robert Boyd at Thrive Global offers up another phenomenal suggestion to not just create but maintain feelings of gratitude within any professional context: “Keep It Consistent. When the work gets tough, no one is more deserving of praise than those who show up and give it their all. Likewise, committing to the daily grind requires monumental effort. To prevent your team members from feeling expendable, making it a habit to show your gratitude. Keep an eye on coworkers and thank them when they do things properly. Make special mention for the ‘little’ tasks that often go overlooked.” We love the mix of positive mental framework and concrete actions you can take spelled out in this tip! We also appreciate the way this method encourages you to find “small” things to celebrate in your coworkers’ work. Especially now amidst our unprecedented times, small tasks may feel like huge obstacles. While quality counts more than quantity when it comes to thanking your colleagues and employers, make sure that you’re consistently incorporating the expression of gratitude into your workplace routine.


Don’t sweat the small stuff–but do make sure to notice and be grateful for the little things in both your work environment and beyond. Every situation you encounter offers up a chance to learn and grow. Make sure you’re seizing those opportunities! And along the way, offer up specific thanks to those who contribute to your ability to do so, as everyone in your professional environment has an impact on your organization. And make sure that even on dark days, you’re finding ways to both feel and express gratitude. We know it’s tough, but you’re even tougher! To stay in a thankful mood, join us tomorrow for a midweek boost with our Wednesday Wellness: Gratitude edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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