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Creating and Maintaining Joy Within Your Workplace

by Dec 22, 2020

We know the days leading up to Friday of this week–and the time off it’ll provide–might feel like a drag. So, today we’re examining concrete steps you can take to boost your mood throughout this week. And at any time of year! We’ve gathered tips that will help you take a holistic approach to viewing your workplace through a more positive lens, which will also help your unique professional strengths shine by showing off your ability to persist amidst any circumstances. And even if you’re feeling extra cheerful in general as the end of the week approaches, we know that individual days along the way there might still have bumps in the road. To help you create and maintain joy within your workplace amidst any obstacles, check out these tips and tricks from the pros below. 


We love this quick, easy, and free method courtesy of Catherine Jessen at The Muse: “Just Smile. Smiling makes you feel happier. Simple as that. Research has discovered that smiling, whether it’s natural or forced, causes your brain to interpret that physical reaction as positive and will then recognize whatever activity you’re doing as being enjoyable. So, put on a cheesy grin while you’re typing up that report, and you might just find yourself feeling a little bit better about it.” The old saying “Fake it until you make it” is also applicable here! Even if you’re not feeling a sense of winter cheer while in your professional environment, you can infuse yourself–and your greater workplace–by putting on a smile. Boosting your own mood will also help others in your workplace community, colleagues and employers alike, to experience a more positive workplace. So, while the act of smiling may feel small, it can have a huge impact.


Susan M. Heathfield at The Balance Careers offers up another phenomenal tip for cultivating workplace happiness: “Take Charge of Your Own Professional and Personal Development. Take charge of your own growth by investing in your personal and professional development. Develop a plan and goals for your career, then pursue them. Ask for specific and meaningful help from your boss. Look for assignments that will help you achieve career milestones or learn specific skills. Pursue opportunities and connections that you find valuable, even if your current employer isn’t creating those opportunities for you. When you feel in control of your career and can see yourself improving and growing, you are more likely to feel satisfied in your current position.” Rather than solely reacting to the circumstances life throws your way, be proactive! In taking charge of your own professional and personal development, actually writing out your goals (and a to-do list of the steps to get there) can be tremendously beneficial. We also love the ways this method incorporates your workplace community. It can be difficult to gain an accurate sense of your workplace performance based on your own perceptions. Instead of needlessly fretting, make sure you’re turning to others for sets of fresh, outside perspectives that can help realistically assess your status and boost your mood.


Your external state of being can help change your internal landscape–it’s scientifically proven. So, smile! To reiterate, it’s a quick, easy, and free way to improve your mood, which will in turn help improve the moods of everyone around you. Making that kind of impact on your professional environment will then show off your leadership qualities. As you strive to move forward in your career, make sure you’re actively involving others in that process by seeking out their advice and perspectives. This will also foster a greater sense of community in your workplace, as others will appreciate your recognition of their expertise. And that will improve the general mood even further! For even more ways to maintain a sense of joy in your workplace all throughout this week, join us again for a midweek mood boost with our Wednesday Wellness: Joy edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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