Developing Your Professional New Year’s Resolutions

by Dec 29, 2020

We’re sure that you’re already familiar with all the classic resolutions about changing habits in personal life. But how can you incorporate that same effort towards improvement at work? Taking on that task entails both turning to those around you, and self-reflection. Doing so will allow you to engage in a holistic approach towards developing your profession New Year’s Resolutions. To be your best, well-rounded self in the upcoming year, we’ve turned to the pros to help you assemble a to-do list that’s sure to wow your employer. 


We adore this suggestion from Susan M. Heathfield at The Balance Careers: “Listen More Than You Talk. That old adage about one mouth and two ears is true. Plan to listen to all that your coworkers are saying this year. They might just want a sounding board, not necessarily advice or problem-solving. Lending them an ear can empower them to solve their problems.” Speaking of situations in which to listen, make sure to also apply this policy when talking to your bosses. While you might be tempted to jump in with comments or questions, the best trick to delivering top-notch work is to enable yourself to best understand what’s being asked of you. So be sure to add active listening to your New Year’s to-do list!


While our favorite tip from Rohia at Engagedly is originally from 2017, she points out another important component of being a stellar employee that you can take with you into 2021: “Self-Appreciation. You cannot appreciate someone else’s good work when you can’t acknowledge your good work! So make a resolution this year to give yourself a pat on the back when you have accomplished something. This boosts your confidence and makes you feel accomplished giving you more positivity to do more at work.” Being a positive force at work helps not only you but everyone around you! Taking stock of your successes is a great way to keep your mood up, which will allow you to take on new challenges in your workplace. Make sure you’re making time this year to appreciate yourself. If you’re in need of further inspiration for self-appreciation, you can actually also reach out to others–seeking out feedback will help provide you to better see your own unique professional strengths while showing your colleagues and employers that you appreciate their insights. And that’s a surefire way to strengthen your workplace community in 2021 and beyond!


Add these resolutions to your list and we know you’ll be on the right path this upcoming year. The most important thing is to keep an open mind in both your workplace and the rest of your life. That way you’ll be ready for anything the new year might send your way. Make sure you’re listening to those around you, bosses and co-workers alike, and you’ll learn about any new professional opportunities right off the bat as well as showing off your comprehension skills. And take time to celebrate your own accomplishments. We know that even during these tumultuous times, you’ve succeeded and achieved goals within your professional setting. Join us again tomorrow for our special Wednesday Wellness: Best of 2020 edition, featuring even more ways to create a positive mindset heading into 2021.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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