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Monday Mood Booster: Compassion

by Jan 25, 2021

Welcome back! This week our focus is on compassion. We encourage you to both practice self-compassion as well as engaging in an empathetic approach towards others. We know that even though the days are getting brighter for longer, it can still be a struggle to maintain a positive mood, especially while winter’s chill sets in. It’s okay to be struggling right now. In accepting that fact within both your own life and the lives of those in your workplace community, make sure that you’re treating everyone with kindness. To help you remember to do just that, check out the sayings we’re highlighting for you today:



Take a holistic approach towards compassion; know that just as life consists of both good and bad days, you possess both good and bad qualities–after all, no human being is perfect, and you’re only human. You can acknowledge your areas of opportunity while still recognizing your own strengths. Make sure that you’re recognizing the strengths and struggles of those around you in your professional environment through both words and deeds. And make sure that you’re also applying that approach to yourself, treating yourself with the same care and compassion as you wish to radiate throughout your workplace. Join us again tomorrow for tips on concrete methods to practice compassion within your workplace and beyond.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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