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Blossom Into A Better You At Your Workplace

by Feb 23, 2021

As winter winds down, it’s a great time to unfreeze yourself from any unhelpful patterns you may have settled into. New opportunities for self-development exist all around you in your workplace! By looking to the achievements of others, you can figure out your own areas of opportunity. Let their strengths inspire you to celebrate your own achievements along the way. The steps from the pros that we’ve highlighted below will help get you in the perfect mindset to accomplish all of the above.


Over at Inc., Marcel Schwantes, Founder and Chief Human Officer at Leadership From the Core, offers up this key tip: “Express more gratitude. Make a list of five people at work for whom you are thankful. Think back on the key contributions they made, or events that have happened in the past week involving these people. Your next task should be to express sincere gratitude to them. Whatever your method (email, text, handwritten note, or phone call), make it personal and heartfelt and let these people know how you feel about them and their work.“ You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to thank those around you! Providing compliments and thanks to those around you at work helps highlight their strengths, inspiring them to also set out on the path of personal improvement. Help your colleagues bloom, too. Make sure they know you appreciate their work and realize how much you are learning from their strengths and expertises. 


Michelle Mosher at Iris provides another useful suggestion for self-improvement in your professional environment: “Set Milestones. The road to completing a big project may seem overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you from taking time to celebrate interim achievement. Break large projects into blocks of mini-tasks and set individual success metrics to keep your morale and energy levels high. Record your progress, reward yourself, and share your progression with the team.” Keeping your morale high is a great way to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace. As much as you’re striving for successes, know that it’s okay to ask for guidance along the way–if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of breaking down your big task into smaller steps, getting a fresh pair of eyes on the project is a wonderful way to reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know something and do reach out for help when you need it!


Just as flowers need sunlight, soil, and water to grow, blossoming into a better self at your workplace is a collaborative effort. Knowing both when to lift others up and when to look up to them are key components to making that happen. Acknowledging that you don’t know everything, that you can’t blossom into the best self that you can be all on your own, will help ensure that you’re keeping your mind open to the opportunities that exist all around you.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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