Wednesday Wellness: Communication

by Mar 10, 2021

With birds’ songs brightening the air, let a sense of music propel you through the middle of your workweek! For today’s Wednesday Wellness, we’re continuing our reflections on the importance of communication. Think of every conversation as a positive opportunity rather than a potential source of conflict–make sure you’re reflecting on the point of view the person you’re talking to is coming from, taking into account their unique life experiences, and you’re sure to have a series of fruitful conversations in your workplace and beyond. Looking at today’s curated sayings will help ensure you keep that starting point in mind:



Great communication requires true partnership, and you’ll get out of your conversations what you put into them. Remember that listening is just as important as speaking (and turn back to yesterday’s blog post if you need a reminder on how to actively listen). Taking care to ensure that your conversations are balanced and great for all parties involved is a surefire way to demonstrate your people skills to your employers, colleagues, and everyone around you. Join us again tomorrow for another set of concrete tips and tricks for ensuring smooth communications each and every day in your workplace.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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