Say What You Mean To Say

by Mar 11, 2021

Now that you’ve learned to listen, you’re ready to speak! The key to working collaboratively is making sure everyone is on the same page. Our focus today is on ways to ensure you’re getting your message across in a variety of workplace environments.Taking a nuanced, focused approach to communication by enabling everyone around you to understand what it is you’re saying will show your bosses that you’re committed to the overall growth of the organization. Remember that everyone in your workplace is striving towards the same goals, no matter their communication style. Today’s selection of steps to take for more effective workplace communication will allow you to create and facilitate smoother conversations in any professional environment.


The experts at Fremont College offer up this important tip: “Provide clear information. Workplace communication involves passing information from one person to the other. If you do not communicate clearly and accurately, it can cause confusion instead of clarity. Plan your communication to ensure that you are passing along the correct information and the right amount so those you are communicating with understand what you are saying. Avoid emails written in haste and always plan what you want to say before speaking to avoid miscommunication.” As the saying goes, measure twice and cut once! Just as if you cut wood improperly it may prove unusable, making statements without planning them out beforehand can inadvertently damage your workplace relationships. Demonstrate your care and attention to detail by taking a quick moment to contemplate what you’re going to say before saying it to ensure the clearest, most accurate communication. That way everyone can contribute their best work to your workplace, allowing everyone’s unique strengths to shine.


We also love this excellent suggestion from Lisa Barry at Bigtincan: “Tailor messages to the person you’re speaking to. Different people require different information to be successful at their jobs. Apply knowledge communication directly to the people who can utilize it. Do not waste one person’s time with information they cannot use.” Bear in mind, too, that different people have different ways of processing information. One of your colleagues might be really great at understanding instructions provided out loud, while another might perform better when receiving written guidelines or a drawn diagram. Everyone is unique in terms of both what they can contribute to your company and the ways in which they can best succeed. Show your co-workers you care by getting to know them and their communication styles. And then put that research into action!


With your conversational contributions, your workplace will blossom into the best environment it can be. Let spring inspire you to enable both personal and professional growth, including greater successes of your whole team. Remember to take a moment to breathe before speaking, allowing yourself that time to compose your message ahead of time so that it can be as clear and specific as it can possibly be. And check back tomorrow as we close out our Communication Week with Feel Good Friday.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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