Monday Mood Booster: Hope

by Mar 22, 2021

Welcome back! Spring is in the air. Birds are chirping, fresh breezes are blowing, and sunset grows later and later. While there are a lot of changes happening around all of us, it’s important to take time to enjoy these familiar comforts, to find hope amongst the positive changes life brings our ways in addition to any turbulence in the workplace and beyond. Establishing a hopeful foundation is a surefire way to maintain your positivity in any professional environment, which will also inspire the whole of your workplace community. Today’s affirmations will help you and your colleagues keep persevering as we continue navigating our present unprecedented circumstances:



Take what positivity you can from the past, and leave the negativity behind–don’t let your past missteps bog you down as you focus on a more hopeful future moving forward. Know that even if you can’t immediately think of a way to navigate the obstacles your workplace throws your way, you have options! You can always turn to your colleagues and employers for suggestions. Take pride in knowing that you’re already making strides forward towards your goals each and every day. Celebrate how far you’ve come, and allow that celebration to be a hopeful springboard propelled you forward towards your career goals. Catch us again tomorrow for even more ways to keep your sense of hope shining bright while taking concrete steps towards maintaining hopefulness in any professional environment.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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