Wednesday Wellness: Brightness

by Jun 9, 2021

Happy Hump Day! Congratulations on letting your inner strength and light guide you all the way to the week’s midpoint. Allow your brightness to shine a beacon leading you through the rest of the week! You have the ability to overcome any darkness and to reframe any setbacks in a positive light. And we know that everyone around you, co-workers and supervisors alike, will benefit from the brightness you’re contributing to your overall workplace community–and will take note of your ability to have that positive effect! The mood boosters we’ve curated for you today will help you keep shining:



Even if you’re feeling down, know that you still have plenty of positivity to offer. These unprecedented circumstances may have offered up difficulties, but you’ve successfully navigated each and every one. Know that it’s okay to “fail.” The important thing is how you recover, and how you move forward. The light of each day lasts longer and longer each day as we approach the solstice, just like how your own positivity can grow with every passing moment. When you look back at what you’ve had to endure, remember that you’ve reached the present point by overcoming all of the obstacles the past has thrown at you. And keep going! Visit us again tomorrow for another set of tips and tricks for bringing brightness to your workplace.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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