Mondays can be tough. We’ve all experienced the “Sunday Scaries”. After all, the night before a work week can prove anxious. So, what can we do to relax, and get prepared? How does one show up alert, enthused, and rested? How does one set a positive tone for the week? Our team here at Contemporaries, Inc. believes motivation (our emotion du jour) derives from remaining mindful, visualizing and anticipating the week’s needs, and by setting mini goals for the upcoming week. These goals can be as simple as reaching out to a coworker (new, or seasoned) for lunch, or choosing to get outside during your work breaks. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a #motivationalmonday, and also how to achieve it:

  • Set a list of intentions on Sunday night. Write a to-do list. Set realistic goals. After all, we want you to set yourself up for success. A goal can be as small as having coffee with a colleague, or as large as speaking up in a team meeting, and/or reaching outside your comfort zone on a project. Trust us, no matter the size of goal, it will feel great to check it off come Monday night.
  • Plan a nice lunch. Not just food (sure, make it healthy – whether brought from home, or eaten out), but company. Is there a colleague you’ve wanted to connect with, yet haven’t yet? Or perhaps you just need some alone time with yourself. Either way, prepare a restorative lunch break for yourself.
  • Get to work early. It’ll set the tone for your week. Imagine starting off the week with goals, a gym bag packed, and rising early with time to spare? Remember to go gently on yourself, though. Here at Contemporaries, Inc. we believe in baby steps. And that includes your commute. Making it as stress free as it can be, whether on the train, or in a car. Find a good podcast, or a motivating music playlist, or get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way.
  • This one may be more obvious, but a good night’s sleep will ensure a productive Monday. Don’t underestimate the power of Zzzzs.
  • Create a Sunday night ritual. A Monday morning one, too.
  • Remember to prioritize your time over the weekend. Make it fun, but also rehabilitating. It’s a balance. You’ll get there.
  • Prioritize your duties for the week, too. Respond to more urgent e-mails, manage your time intentionally, and “separate the forest from the trees” (so to speak).
  • Other tips? Frame your thinking for the week, try preparing for Monday on Friday in order to allow yourself a full “reset” weekend, and even plan a little (low key) socialization for Monday night. A dinner with a friend, or a long walk.

If you decide it doesn’t have to be, Monday won’t be too overwhelming. It can be more of a psychological barrier than a real one. Remember, perception informs reality. Sure, it can be hard to pivot from the weekend to weekday, but we believe this transition can be more seamless if you take small steps towards securing that. Check the list above. Our team here at Contemporaries, Inc. believes in you. Now go get #mondaymotivated!