Submit your Timecard

Download your timecard here and send it to us via email


Download & Submit Time Card

In order to receive your paycheck or your direct deposit on time, we MUST have either your signed timecard or the hours you worked no later than Sunday. For example, if you last workday is Friday and we receive the information by Sunday, there will be no delay in your pay. However, if we do not receive the timecard or information until Monday morning or later, you will have to wait a week for your pay.

In most cases signed timecards should be emailed to Contemporaries on Friday. However, in the event that you are unable to have your timecard signed, email us or call NO LATER THAN Sunday and let us know how many hours you worked. You can send the signed timecard on Monday. If we don’t receive the information by the weekend, you will have to wait another week for a paycheck or direct deposit to be processed with no exceptions.

Submit your Timecard

Download: Download and print our timecard here.

Submit your timecard via email to

Please ensure that your timecard has been signed by your supervisor and submitted by Friday every week.

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