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Thanksgiving: An Ode To Gratitude

by Nov 24, 2021

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving. No matter the connotations associated with this holiday, it is undoubtedly one that brings family together, is a pause in one’s working life, and a time – if you are lucky – for reflection, and safe hibernation. And, it’s the beginning of the Holiday Season at large. Simply, it’s a time to give thanks. It’s been quite a hectic couple of years for most of us, so the team here at Contemporaries, Inc. wants to take a moment to marinate (no pun intended! are you salivating for mashed potatoes and gravy, too?) on what we have gratitude for, in the professional sphere, and outside of it. Here’s a list:

  • If you’re reading this, you are either on your way to being employed (let’s hope by us!) or already a valued and indispensable employee of Contemporaries, Inc., so that alone is something to be grateful for. Beyond just a paycheck, your employment is a chance to contribute, grow, and participate in a community. After all, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is about? Community.
  • Raised some sparkling apple cider to your health. Cheers! It’s been a time of trials and tribulations. No matter your perspective on what treatment is right for you (we aren’t here to preach politics, yet encourage you to take responsible action), you’ve made it. Let’s give thanks for that.
  • Your house! Since we’ve all spent more time at home lately, let’s take a moment to appreciate our domestic zones. These spheres have provided much solace, and will continue to do so. Remember our “hygge” post?
  • How else can we channel gratitude? By honoring our family (chosen or biological), our pets, our loved ones, our five senses, friendships, partners, hobbies, and recent (and older) experiences.
  • And, lest you forget, now you have the opportunity to provide for others. You are literally reaping the fruits (try cranberry sauce) of your labor. You’ve worked hard. Enjoy it. Hey, Grandma will appreciate that pumpkin pie (store bought or homemade).


Our team here at Contemporaries, Inc. encourages you to not only take inventory of what you are grateful for (and there’s much, for all of us, during these trying times) this past year, but also to use your time off to reflect on not just your personal life, but professional, too. What are you grateful for in your current position? What can you do to improve? It’s a time of commonality, of celebrated community, so, perhaps if you need a prompt, think about what you can do to be more of a present, contributing, and appreciative team member. Now go get seconds! It’s pie time! It’s Tryptophan O’Clock.


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