Secrets to Snagging a Contract Opportunity And a Better Career Future

by Mar 23, 2022


Very few people are able to secure their dream job or even a regular position as soon as they graduate from high school, vocational school, or higher ed. Unless your degree is from an ivy league university or you are someone who has worked in a particular field throughout your school years, there are few guarantees that success will be immediate and exactly how your expected it to be. If you do not fall into either of the last two scenarios, then you must find another way of moving closer to achieving career success and of course, paying the bills.

One of those methods is finding a quality staffing firm that can assist by placing you on an assignment which will offer a variety of benefits. Whether it is a university, government entity, business or even non-profit that you have your heart set on as your future workplace, many times these organizations are not ready to take on a new employee directly. Oftentimes they will turn to an agency like Contemporaries to find them that perfect candidate who will not only be able to meet their work related needs, but also become a viable contender for permanent employee status.

Here are a few tips when deciding on an agency and landing an assignment.

  • Read reviews and find out what others in the same position are saying about the staffing firm and its results.
  • Do be punctual whether it is an arranged time for a call or an interview. If a Recruiter asks you to call at 9 a.m., don’t wait until 9:04 or 9:08 or 9:15 to call. If they can’t trust you to be on time with them, how could they trust that you’d be punctual with a client?
  • Do send a professional looking resume and follow-up with a call to make sure the agency received the document.
  • Be flexible. Maybe an administrative position was not what you went to college for, but it may also be the best means of getting your foot through the door to an organization where you could see yourself having a great future.
  • Be honest. If you are going on vacation but want to land a job before hand, tell the Recruiter of your plans. They may say wait until after you get back to land the assignment, which is always better than getting a position, going on vacation and coming home to find you have been replaced by another individual who was available during your time away.
  • Finally, make yourself indispensable on any job or assignment you are placed in. Be the worker who finishes their tasks on time or even before deadline. And then, rather than sitting around or playing on your phone or Instant messaging friends, ask you supervisor and co-workers if they need any help. You will not only win the praise and respect of your leaders and colleagues, but you may also land yourself a great permanent opportunity as well!


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