Blog written by recruiter Koreena Geisler-Wagner

It seems businesses, both big and small, are frequently faced with a dilemma regarding their workforce– when is it time (and cost-effective) to bring on another person? There are many pros to initiating a talent search: a new person will bring new ideas and a different dynamic, another set of hands will increase production (thereby allowing the business to grow), an additional person could even allow one to create more room for upward movement and professional development within a company. As with anything, there are also cons associated with a talent search: it takes time to create a job posting, advertise to the right pool of people, cull through endless resumes and cover letters, run an undetermined number of interviews and reference checks… Once a good candidate has been identified, one must then invest a lot of money up front, in the hopes that this person will like the job and decide to stay on: payroll, workers comp, liability insurance, health insurance, etc.
For many companies, the perceived drawbacks to initiating a talent search outweigh the benefits– leaving many places short-staffed and underhanded. Fortunately, there is another option, a middle-way that absorbs most of the drawbacks while allowing companies to bask in all the benefits: temp agencies. In her article “Thinking About Using a Staffing Agency? What You Need to Know,” Nicole Fallon discusses how a Temp agency works, what value a relationship with an agency can bring to your company, and common myths and misconceptions about how a Temp agency (and its candidates) operate. Here is a quick breakdown of the most important points:
  • Fast and flexible, with a reduced risk. When you first think of hiring a new person, your second thought is related to how long a process talent searching really is. The temp world is very different– because an agency’s primary job is talent searching, they are very skilled an locating, identifying, and setting up ideal candidates. At Contemporaries, we have a special vetting process that allows us to identify the “Right Match” the first time around– we know that you’re busy (which is why you’re reaching out to an agency in the first place), and we won’t send you resume after resume from mediocre candidates. Perhaps you’re not ready to commit to a new full-time employee, but you need help during your busy periods; a temp can provide necessary help for a short period, with an option to extend their placement if you still find you have a need for an extra person. Because temps are legally employed with the agency, the agency absorbs all liability and insurance costs.
  • Temp, temp-to-hire, and direct hire. This relates back to the flexibility mentioned earlier.  Fallon concisely describes the differences between these insider terms: “temporary (an assignment with a set start and end date), temp-to-hire (an assignment that’s initially temporary, but is used to help an employer determine the temp worker’s long-term fit with the company) and direct hire (a permanent position in which the staffing agency acts solely as a recruiter).” Many agencies work within one or two of these models; Contemporaries works with all three. In fact, 98% of our candidates are called in for temp positions and end up “going perm,” being offered permanent employment by their placement companies. We have such a high success rate due to our extensive vetting process and commitment to finding the right match the first time around.
  • Cost-Effective and with great value. As Fallon mentions in her article, there is a myth that temp agencies are just too expensive to be worth the cost; nothing could be further from the truth. Using a temp agency for your talent search needs allows you to continue focusing on your primary responsibilities without worrying about time or money lost looking for a good candidate. The agency absorbs all costs associated with a new-hire, and can easily transition a person to your company’s payroll at a later date, should you decide to keep them on.

Temp agencies are your best friend in terms of talent searching, and Contemporaries, specifically, can offer quality candidates who match your needs, are eager to work, and can add value beyond that which most clients expect from a temp agency.

Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.