Blog written by recruiter Koreena Geisler-Wagner.

Life happens. Whether it be a toxic relationship or a series of unfortunate events weighing you down, everyone faces situations which require “mental toughness.” What does it mean to be “mentally tough”? According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, President of TalentSmart, mental toughness is reflected in one’s ability to be “strong, see things through a new lens, and take decisive action.” In his article “15 Critical Habits of Mentally Tough People,” Bradberry discusses fifteen ways one can cultivate a “tough mind” — it’s not an innate character trait randomly bestowed upon select individuals! Anyone can be mentally tough, and here are a few of our favorite ways to do just that:

  • Be emotionally intelligent. In other words, be able to identify, understand, tolerate, and productively use negative emotions.
  • Be confident. Psychology tells us time and time again that more than half the battle along the road to success is simply believing that you can, in fact, be successful.
  • Embrace change. Be able to adapt to changing environments; be the very embodiment of flexibility.
  • Know that fear often leads to regret. If you don’t take a chance, you will forever wonder what could have been.
  • Embrace failure. This goes hand in hand with not fearing fear, mentioned above. If you “fail,” it just means you’ve encountered and moved on from a path that does not lead to success. On to the next!

Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

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