Blog written by recruiter Koreena Geisler-Wagner.

It is that time of year again– summer. And in Boston especially it has hit us over the head all at once (over 90 degrees yesterday!) Here at Contemporaries, we thought Jane Burnett’s article “3 ways to stay focused at work when all you want to do is enjoy summer weather” was both very timely and a helpful reminder to stay focused during the work week. Burnett’s three suggestions are:

  1. Frame your to-do list in terms of “if –> then” phrasing. You are more likely to be productive when you stop thinking about the collective list of things you still need to accomplish and start thinking:”If it is 2:00 pm, then I will stop what I’m doing and start work on the report Bob asked for.” It is much easier to finish your to-do list task by task with an allotted time frame for each project rather than trying to attack too many things at once.
  2. Dress in your office-appropriate attire. It may be tempting to wear vacation-type clothing, but it is important to remember that your days at the office are not paid vacation time! Dressing for the right environment also goes a long way in framing your mindset and helping you keep focus when at work.
  3. Get outside when you can. Just because you need to work and complete work-based tasks and projects at the office doesn’t mean you can’t step outside every now and then, breath the fresh air, and soak up some summer sun! It’s important to do this each day anyway to give your brain a rest.

Today’s tips for staying focused through the warm summer weather are brought to you by Contemporaries.

Photo: retrieved from Pixnio, available under the public domain.