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Cultivating Success

by Sep 8, 2017

We all have a rather abstract idea of success and what it means to be successful. Success can be anything from doing your job well, to being promoted to a leadership role, to running a company, and everything in between. Nearly each one of us can visualize success’ end result, but sussing out the steps on the path to this imagined destination is not as straightforward.

In her article “The 5 Things No One Really Tells You About Success” author and CEO Karyn Schoenbart identifies five principles one encounters on the road to success. Here are our favorite points:

  • Take real risks. I’m going to go out on a limb and say there isn’t a single person who likes to fail, but we cannot let fear of failure stand in the way of taking big risks, trying new things, and suggesting big ideas. Without real risk, success is an unattainable illusion.
  • Become extremely resilient. This goes hand in hand with taking real risks– you’re going to stumble and fail a few times in life. The key to moving past it is resilience and determination.
  • Take on projects outside the scope of your job description. Go above and beyond. Demonstrate your continued value to an organization. Make yourself indispensable. There are a million other ways to say this, but the fact remains: approaching success requires one to take steps outside known boundaries and grow, learn, and develop both personally and professionally.

Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

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