Purpose-Driven Company? How to Leverage This Strength When Hiring

by Nov 29, 2017

There was a time when young talent was interested in landing a job and earning a paycheck. Today, recent grads are looking for something more. Millennials, more than any other generation before them, want to know that their work has meaning and value, and they want to work for companies with values that align with their own. While Generation Z is just now entering the workforce and we don’t know as much about them, evidence suggests that they feel the same way. If you are a purpose-driven company, you can use this as a unique selling proposition to attract the best and brightest new talent.

Sell Your Culture And Values

Young talent will spend time on your company website, on your social media profiles and on your LinkedIn page to get a feel for your mission, values and culture. Don’t assume that your name or reputation alone is enough to get the message across.

Savvy companies spend a lot of time cultivating a “culture” section of their website where they showcase the organizational culture. They also use social media as a means of showcasing their employer brand. Young talent wants to know more than what you do. They want to know what it’s like to work for you and what other employees have to say about working there.  Use social posts, blogs, videos, Snapchat and Instagram stories, and other platforms to clearly showcase your company’s culture and values in action.

Tie The Role To The Organizational Mission

During the interview process, you can help young talent see how their work would make a difference by tying the role to the mission of the organization. When talking about responsibilities, goals and expectations, be specific about where the role fits into the big picture.  Not every job is “sexy” sounding, but if you can show how those less “sexy” jobs and tasks help the company achieve its overarching goals, it helps purpose-driven candidates see how their work will make a difference.

Work With A Recruiter That Understands Both Sides of the Coin

Marketing your purpose, values and culture isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of time and resources, and as you work out and implement a strategy, you could lose out on top young talent in the market.  Working with Cambridge temp agencies that understand the younger generation and who also understand the needs of purpose-driven organizations can pay dividends in terms of recruiting talent.

Recruiters at Boston employment agencies talk one-on-one and at length with their candidates, pre-selling your organization as a great place to work. This can go a long way – often farther than even your marketing efforts –  in helping a talented candidate form a positive opinion about your opportunity.

If your purpose-driven organization is looking to connect with bright young talent in Boston, contact the experts at Contemporaries, Inc. today. Recognized as one of the best Boston staffing agencies, we can help you attract, source and hire the people you need.

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