Feel Good Friday: Compassion

by Jan 29, 2021

Happy Friday! As the week comes to a close, make sure you’re treating yourself with compassion in acknowledging and celebrating the fact that you’ve made it all the way to today. You’ve overcome all the challenges life has thrown at you this week, and in the days and weeks before that have passed. Find joy and comfort in that fact. Practice self-compassion, and allow yourself to get rid of the negativity from your past that no longer serves you. Reaching today also is cause for celebration! So, even if it feels a bit silly, make sure you’re engaging in some physical action to mark the occasion–that might look like singing a song, or doing a dance. Make sure to include members of your workplace community in your celebrations, acknowledging their successes and extending the same sense of compassion you’re applying to yourself to others. To help you do just that, check out today’s sayings:



We know that it can feel difficult to create change within yourself, your professional environment, and the world around you, especially during these constantly changing times. The trick is to accept that change is a part of life, and to embrace that the best course of action to take will change over time–so aim to practice self-compassion as you navigate evolving circumstances. Make sure that you’re also extending the same amount of compassion that you’re granting to yourself to all those around you in your workplace community and beyond. Allow yourself to radiate both compassion and kindness. Especially with the weekend approaching! Be sure to make time for both relaxing and having fun this weekend, and we’ll see you again on Monday for our newest set of mood boosters.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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