Want to know how to get your foot through the door for a future career? Try a staffing firm like Contemporaries, Inc. where 94% of our temps “go permanent”. That’s a staggering amount! After remaining on our payroll for several months contract employees become eligible to transition to slide into a permanent position if that is what they and the client want. So, if you’re reading this as a potential (or current) employee, you could be part of that statistic in the near future. You’ll start as a caterpillar but become a butterfly. The Contemporaries, Inc. Team wishes to help you prepare for this nearly inevitable transition and to encourage you to treat your temporary employment just like you would a permanent position. Here are some tips on how to do that:


  • Fine comb the basics. Dress professionally, show up on time, listen actively, and know your role. Now isn’t the time to go “above and beyond” but to observe the work environment, and figure out where you fit in. 
  • Be patient. Even if it’s going swimmingly and it’s likely you’ll become a temp-to-perm hire, good things take time. Stay motivated but manage your expectations.
  • Don’t just perform the bare minimum either, or “go through the motions”. While you don’t want to be too overactive of a presence as a new temp, you still have to work hard, stay alert, and take some initiative. Show enthusiasm but take baby steps.
  • Learn your current job (the temp role) fluently. Master it as best you can.
  • Remain flexible, positive, and keep an open mind.
  • Figure out if this could be a professional environment where you see yourself in the long term. Then visualize what success (see: our recent affirmation post) would mean there for you. Brainstorm on how to achieve it.
  • Ask questions. Get to know your co-workers. Even a small positive impact on your work ecosystem can help bolster your self-esteem and provide confidence and a sense of security for your future co-workers.
  • Stay engaged and remain approachable.
  • Keep healthy boundaries.
  • Don’t get distracted by work politics, gossip, complain, or spend time on personal affairs at work.


Here at Contemporaries, Inc., we encourage you to act like a person you would want to work with (i.e.: avoid the “difficult” person pitfall, instead strive for “easy-going” but guarded). We encourage you to keep your head down, work hard, yet remain vigilant and receptive. And don’t forget to listen. Afterall, that’s how you learn. It’s highly likely that someday you’ll graduate from being “the temp” to a full-time employee. Let us help you earn that transition and make that transition as seamless and easy as possible once you (very likely) acclimate to permanent status.