Author: Alyssa Rebolledo

Gen Z is the newest and largest group of job hunters that are currently in the market. They are recent graduates, hungry for new opportunities, and want to change the typical nine to five job blueprint.

Here are the Top Five Requirements of Gen Z Job Hunting.

  1. Companies which share the same values, beliefs, and social impacts as their employees. Gen Z wants to work for corporations that are going to make a difference in the world. For instance, companies that donate to animal charities or hold positions which help people in need.
  2. Work-Life-Balance. This includes working from home, hybrid work, and flexible schedules.
  3. Mental Health Awareness. Establishments that are responsive to the needs of their employees’ well-being. This consists of having mental health days, a four-day work week, or having access to a mental health professional.
  4. Opportunities for Growth and Equal Pay. Gen Z wants to experiment and try different techniques with their jobs. They need a company that will allow them to grow and pay them fairly.
  5. Community. Everyone wants to belong in a company. Businesses can provide networking or social events, and more diversity inclusion activities. Gen Z wants to feel that they are supported and involved within their work groups. An example is having a company potluck or hiring more people with diverse backgrounds.

Picture by Gerd Altmann. Brought to you from Pixabay.