Turning a Temporary Placement Into a Permanent Placement

by Feb 19, 2018

Temporary job assignments are a great way for young people to get their careers off the ground, especially in a tight Boston employment market. There are a host of temporary assignments available in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and these jobs can expose you to a variety of work environments and projects. If you play your cards right, you can even turn a temporary placement into a great full-time, permanent position.

Not All Staffing Agencies Are the Same

To find temporary assignments, you typically work with a staffing firm. However, not all staffing firms are the same. Many Boston temp agencies focus solely on temporary assignments and do not offer much opportunity for full-time roles. If your ultimate goal is a permanent position, you want to choose a partner that has a strong track record of helping candidates land permanent placements.

Share Your Goal

In life, nothing is handed to you. You must be willing and able to speak up and make your goals and intentions known. This starts with your recruiter. During your interview with a staffing firm, let the recruiter know your end goal is a full-time job. Throughout the course of the assignment, keep in touch with your recruiter and reaffirm your intentions if you are truly interested in staying on with that organization.

Once on Assignment, You Must Take Control

There is never a guarantee that any temporary assignment will turn into a permanent role, but you can take control of the situation and do what you can to make it attractive for the employer to offer you a job. While the team at Contemporaries may have found you a perfect opportunity, it is up to you to keep it. This means that your performance matters.

First and foremost, show up to work early and try not to be the first person out the door at the end of the day. Volunteer for projects and additional work, and always make sure your work is completed on time and it exceeds your manager’s standards. Ask questions to show you are interested in learning as much as you can about the organization and the industry in which it operates. Consider yourself to be “on stage” every day and put your best foot forward.

Not every temporary assignment will end with a job offer, but if you take the right steps, you can increase the chances of parlaying a short-term contract into a permanent position.

Are You a Recent Grad Looking for a Job in Boston?

If you are a recent graduate looking to get your career off the ground through temp jobs in Boston, the recruiters at  Contemporaries, Inc. want to hear from you. We have a 98 percent success rate for placement and 90 percent of our temporary placements turn into permanent positions. Contact us today to start your career.

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