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Mindfulness At Work

by Mar 16, 2018

Staying focused at work is a challenge, even for the most diligent employees. It’s easy to become distracted or overwhelmed, which just makes it even hard to refocus. This is especially true if you’re having an off day, or have another distraction outside of work. Unfortunately, these are both things that every single one of us will experience, and more than once.

So if outside stress and distraction are unavoidable, what can we do to better tune-in at work? In her article, Jane Burnett recommends utilizing mindfulness. Being mindful basically means being as present in the moment as possible, and being totally engaged. In this mindset, it’s easier to be totally focused on work. Try to remember that those other things will be there when you’re done for the day, and you’ll be able to focus on those more easily once you’re not at work.

Burnett also stresses the importance of giving yourself breaks when needed. All of us need short breaks throughout the day to prevent becoming overwhelmed and burnt out by everything on your plate. Take a real lunch break where you’re able to step away from work, when you can. Even short 5-10 minute breaks where you take a quick walk to the water cooler will give your mind a much needed rest. Just make sure these breaks are timed well so that you don’t miss any important phone calls.

The key to focus is to be totally engaged, but while giving yourself moments of rest. Use these techniques to refocus your mind, accomplish more, and get through your day.


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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