The Benefits of Working With an Expert Boston Staffing Firm

by Apr 27, 2018

What do you think of when you hear the term, “staffing firm”? Do you think of low-paying, unskilled jobs? If that’s your idea of a staffing firm, it’s time to take a second look. The field has evolved tremendously, and now there are staffing firms that focus on very specific niches. These firms do more than just send people off on an assignment; they help them build and establish their careers. Here are some of the distinct advantages of working with an expert Boston staffing firm.

Personal Relationships

“Big box” staffing companies are all about filling orders as quickly as they can. They typically do not take the time to know their candidates on a personal level. Contemporaries, Inc. in Boston is focused on the local market. Our recruiters get to know Boston job seekers beyond their resume and salary requirements. We learn about your personal career goals, your strengths and your priorities, so we can match you to roles where you will be poised to thrive.

Team-Based Placements

Typical staffing firms will simply match you to their open roles based on a simple scoring method. At Contemporaries, Inc., we take a team approach to placements. You’ll meet with a recruiter to talk at length about yourself and your goals. Once it’s been determined you are a match for our services, the entire team of recruiters will sit down to discuss your profile. This means that every recruiter gets to know you as a professional, so when an opening arises, every recruiter has access to your information, broadening the scope of opportunities we can offer you.

Industry Expertise

Expert firms like Contemporaries, Inc., focus on very specific niches. Our areas of expertise include startups, mission-driven nonprofits, higher education and creative fields in Boston. Job seekers looking to break into these niches are best served by recruiters who are truly immersed in the industries we serve. We know what employers in these niches are looking for, we know the market rates and we help candidates achieve their goals.

The Opportunity to Try New Things

One of the challenges of starting your career is deciding exactly where to begin. You probably know people who have horror stories about their first jobs. At Contemporaries Inc., our temporary opportunities allow you to test out different types of work environments, employers and cultures so you know exactly the type of culture where you will thrive.

Cultural misalignment is the biggest reason new employees leave a job within the first year. The recruiters of Contemporaries, Inc. focus on culture matching so you’ll always find a place where you fit in. This is likely the reason why 90 percent of our placements result in permanent job offers. If you are looking to find a job in Boston, partner with Contemporaries, Inc. Contact us today to start achieving your goals.

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