Resume Do’s and Don’ts for First-Time Job Seekers

by May 7, 2018

The first step to any effective job search is to create an effective resume. Many new graduates may feel this is a difficult hurdle to overcome. While there are endless pieces of advice available for people creating their first resume, you can follow these simple do’s and don’ts to create yours.

Resume Creation Do’s

  • Do use a template to create a good layout.
  • Do make use of concise bullet points to make your resume reader-friendly.
  • Do include relevant contact information including: address, one email address, one phone number, website URL (if applicable) and LinkedIn URL.
  • Do consider making a “relevant skills” summary listing the skills that match those in the job description. This will help you pass any automated scanning software and makes it easy for hiring managers to measure your fitness for the role.
  • Do include volunteer or club experience, especially leadership experience.
  • Do include accomplishments at past jobs or internships. If you received awards or accolades, it shows you added value.
  • Do include your degree, your university name and location, and if it’s impressive, your GPA.
  • Do proofread and have at least three other people proofread before sending.

Resume Creation Don’ts

  • Don’t worry if your resume is short. As a recent grad, employers don’t expect pages of experience.
  • Don’t try to take up space by using justified text. Align everything to the left.
  • Don’t lie or exaggerate.
  • Don’t use personal pronouns (I or me).
  • Don’t use expressions like “duties included, responsibilities included or responsible for.”
  • Don’t list references on your resume.
  • Don’t include any personal information like a headshot, height, weight, age, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, sex, ethnicity/race, health, or social security number.
  • Don’t list any political affiliations.

Are You a Recent Grad Looking for Jobs in Boston?

A great resume is only one piece of the puzzle when you’re looking for jobs in Boston after graduation. And while it is important, it will not necessarily make or break your chances of finding employment opportunities, especially if you have a strong recruiter on your side.

Contemporaries, Inc. specializes in helping recent graduates in Boston find great jobs. We have a near 100 percent placement rate because we look at more than just your resume. Our holistic, sophisticated response analysis methodology goes beyond the resume to place candidates based on their skills and ability to succeed in certain work environments. If you are ready to get your career started in Boston, contact us today. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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