Unwinding on the Weekend

by Jun 1, 2018

If you’re like me, you immerse yourself pretty deeply into your job. It’s easy to do that when you enjoy it so much. The flip side to this is that sometimes, it’s hard to shut off the “work thoughts” while you’re not at work, particularly on the weekend.

Getting your mind off of work will only help you do your job better when you’re there. In the time that we’re in, it’s particularly important to remember to clear your mind and focus on things besides work (when you’re not at work, of course!). I thought sharing some of my own unwinding and self care acts would be a nice way to head into the weekend!

  • Time with others, and time with yourself: Everything in life is a balance, and the same goes for your time. On the weekend and other times that you’re off, it’s important to spend time with your loved ones (friends, family, significant others, and more). But what is also important is to spend time by yourself. I find that a day to myself leaves me feeling at peace, recharged, and in tune with myself.
  • Get stuff done: It might sound weird, but cleaning and running errands are total self care acts for me. Most importantly, you get things done that need to get done. Moreover, you get a sense of accomplishment and calm. Nothing is worse than the feeling you have on a Sunday night after a weekend of getting nothing accomplished.
  • Do what you enjoy: Try to carve out some time for your hobbies, whatever they may be. I love plants, so I take time most weekends to re-pot, rearrange, and shop for more plants. Whatever makes you happy, do it!

I hope this helps you start to think of ways you can relax and get your mind off of work. These all help me, so I hope they can help you too!

Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash

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