Finding Peace at the End of Your Week

by Jun 15, 2018

Friday is unanimously a day of celebration for professionals everywhere; the beginning of a welcome break to the very busy jobs we all have. I recently wrote about activities I use to wind down on the weekend, so in honor of it being Friday once again, I thought I’d revisit the subject.

While Friday is usually exciting regardless, we’ve all had Fridays where we leave the office feeling less than great. Maybe you were hit with a work crisis an hour before you were set to leave, or maybe it’s been a hectic week, and it feels like you still have a million things that remain unresolved. Today’s blog post is to remind you to step back from it while you decompress and recharge this weekend.

Remember that your work will be there for you on Monday, and that regardless of how things went, you deserve this break. None of us can do better if we’re feeling burnt out. This weekend, remember the following:

  • Breathe
  • Enjoy
  • Actualize
  • Recharge

And with that, I wish you a wonderful weekend! Take this time to decompress and recharge for Monday.


Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

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