Tips for Staying Cool and Engaged at Work

by Jul 2, 2018

If you’re like me, you find the heat oppressive and distracting. As far as I’m concerned, a perpetual fall is my ideal weather.

Though not everyone realizes it, extreme heat can put a serious crimp in our work habits as well. Just like a rainy day, a high temperature can influence our moods and productivity. But heat is a lot worse, and can be harmful physically as well. Remember to stay inside as much as possible and to continue hydrating during summer heat waves.

There’s nothing we can do about weather we don’t like, but there are steps we can take to help stay productive and happy when the heat feels like too much to bare. In her article, Lindsay Tigar offers some tips on how to maintain your productivity and energy levels when the temperature is working against you.

  • Map out your priorities: Personally, I’d recommend this tip on any day no matter the temperature. However, it’s even more effective when there are outside distractions/energy-drainers such as heat. Start your day (when it’s still semi-cool) by making a list of what you need to get done, and listing those items in order of priority. The more you can get done in the morning, the better. We all tend to lose energy in the late afternoon, and heat is no help to that.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!: Make sure you consciously continue to drink water throughout the day. Though it may be tempting to have that extra cup of coffee when the heat has you feeling drained, your body probably needs water more than caffeine. If you’re properly hydrated, your energy level will rise too.
  • Take well-deserved breaks: Remember to take a moment and breathe. Hopefully your office has AC, but even that can get stuffy. Get up and walk around to get your body moving and improve your energy.


Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

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