Remaining Productive When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

by Aug 27, 2018

Life has a way of throwing a wrench into things at inopportune times. That wrench can be positive, such as a baby on the way or a big move to a new space. It can also be negative, such as losing a family member or getting into a car accident.

Whether it be positive or negative, big events in our lives cause stress and distraction. These roadblocks tend to require a lot of work and concentration. No matter what’s going on in our own lives, the world around us goes on, so how can we stay on our game during times like these?

In his article here, Darius Foroux provides some tips on how to remain productive when life throws you a wrench. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below, but be sure to read the whole article with the link above.

  • Avoid tunnel vision: It’s incredibly easy (and understandable!) to become hyper-focused on the arising issue, and to let other things fall to the wayside. However, if you remember your other duties and responsibilities, you’ll be able to stay on top of your work. Create lists and reminders for yourself if you don’t already, and if you do, make more of them. Know that you’re going to be distracted these days, so set yourself up to adapt to that and keep moving forward. Additionally, work could even become a distraction from the issue for you.
  • Take care of yourself: A healthy lifestyle is more important than ever during a transitory time in your life. Be a bit more mindful about what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re getting, because you’ll be able to function and focus more if you’re getting the right nutrition and moving your body. Another BIG part of this is sleep. Make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep, because that tends to be the first thing to go when a stressful situation arises.
  • Work whenever you can: Have an extra ten minutes in between meetings? Take that time to check your email, start a report, or any other job-related task instead of looking at your phone. Those moments add up, and you might be surprised at how much work can get done if you utilize them.

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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