Step 5 of Interview Preparation: Know the Location and Be Early

by Dec 13, 2018

First impressions matter and being late to an interview does not get you started on the right foot. It also shouldn’t happen if you: a) look up the location beforehand, b) save the address and contact details, and c) leave with plenty of extra time. These are some of Alia Hollback’s tips from her 5th step of interview preparation.

Even before beginning other preparations for your interview, double check to make sure that you have all the logistical information you need, including a possible suite number and who to ask for on arrival. Closer to your interview date, make sure you know exactly how to get there and save the information in your notebook or on your phone. If the area is very new to you then you can also visit the area beforehand. Then make sure you leave with extra time in case of traffic or other transportation issues. You can even plan a little time at a café near the interview location if all goes according to plan on the way over.

Should the unthinkable happen and you know you will be late, let the contact know as soon as possible. Public transportation lines and major highways sometimes have more than normal delays and if this happens, a quick call to your contact may even allow you to reschedule.

Photo: retrieved from Pixabay, available under the public domain.

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