Fake News in The Workplace?

by Sep 30, 2019

Fake news doesn’t belong anywhere near the workplace. But neither do inflated credentials or highly exaggerated resumes.

With so much information on the Internet, potential job seekers can easily find many tips, advice and resume templates to help them land a job. However, not all the information out there will actually increase their chances for success And, in some cases may instead lead to professional failure.

Take for instance any type of suggestion which encourages candidates to greatly embellish their credentials.  A fresh out of college graduate who is looking at job postings may be very tempted to go this route. Especially if they don’t have a professional resume and little to no job experience.  They may also come across a great looking pre-populated resume template which requires them to only fill in their contact information in order to “Wow” their future employer.

For would-be workers the results could prove disastrous especially if they land the job. While the candidate may think they’ll be able to wing it or find some program on the Internet to help them finesse their way through an actual work day, those individuals, unfortunately, are usually sent home early with a cardboard box containing all their belongings.

By the same token, employers who place all their faith simply on a resume could also be heading for just as much of a catastrophe, given the fact turnover is not only stressful to the rest of the team but can also prove very costly as well.

A best rule of thumb job seekers can follow is to be truthful about your skills. At the very least only put down those you know and possess.

And, for business owners or other decision makers, sometimes it pays to delve deeper than the resume. While a candidate may dress the part, speak articulately and present a perfect resume, they may fall flat on their face when it comes to carrying out work duties and responsibilities including something as basic as being able to craft a business email.

At Contemporaries, our candidates not only undergo standardized skills testing, but also additional proprietary assessments which help us determine their potential for success for any given position. 

Our clients find this added feature a great alternative to simply judging someone solely on their resume.

This extra step is particularly valuable to employers who, on their own, may not find out how authentic the information on someone’s resume is until after the person is the latest new hire.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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