Landing a Job Can Be Like a Broadway Production

by Oct 7, 2019

Identifying a job to landing the position is a major production if done properly. Very rarely is one given a career opportunity without putting in the work and effort to attain it. The art of getting hired is similar to a Broadway production. Whether you are a success, or a flop will depend on you.

The Audition (Job Interview)

Like an actor or actress seeking fame and fortune, job seekers must actively pursue their career prospects and be prepared for the audition or interview if they are every going to land the part, or in this case, the job.

Those headed for Broadway auditions may practice their lines over and over before they know them by heart. Job seekers must also be just as ready before their interview.

Whether you are interviewing with a temporary staffing firm, a small or large company, or even a non-profit, do your homework. Have a quality resume ready, a firm handshake, make good eye contact, and speak clearly and articulately. You may even want to practice with a family member of friend before your big audition, or job interview.

Dress Rehearsal (The Assignment)

Like any TV or movie celebrity, dedication to the part, their talent and finely honed skills as well as dedication and effort usually pay off in the form of more acting roles, rave reviews and increased fan support. In the case of a temporary employee, their own commitment to the position, work ethic and enthusiasm and quest for quality and excellence in all they do will not only win them praise from their employer, onsite supervisor and peers, but it may also land them either an encore performance i.e. an extended assignment or even an offer for a permanent position.

Candidates should never view a temporary assignment as something to be taken lightly. This is particularly important given the fact many clients prefer the option of having a potential full-time employee start as a temp. If the actor or actress is unable to give it their best at dress rehearsal, the understudy may be chosen as the replacement and main star of the show.

Showtime Folks! (Permanent Job Offer) 

Once you land the job, the work doesn’t stop there. Like the celebrity who is given a couple of good parts and a few good breaks, they must keep up the good work and continue to provide a quality performance if they are ever going to achieve complete stardom.

Like the actor or actress, a new employee must also continue their good work performance if they too are going to enjoy widespread career success.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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