“Having Great Communications Skills Begins By Listening”

by Oct 9, 2019

Having excellent speaking skills is a coveted art that takes practice and discipline in order to achieve real success. Responding to a question, request or even inquiry professionally, appropriately and articulately can be a great plus for any job seeker.

However, the real key to “having great communications skills begins by listening,” according to Donna Fitzgerald, President and CEO of the Boston-based staffing firm Contemporaries, Inc.

“Too many times when someone is speaking, the other party is so busy trying to think of their next response that they fail to really listen to what is being said,” Fitzgerald added.

She also pointed out that in these days of tweets, texts, and emails, the art of verbal dialogue for many has been lost. Being able to orally communicate effectively is still seen as a major plus in the HR and staffing field where candidates with these skills usually do extremely well no matter what assignment they are given.

The business owner pointed out that without really listening, vital information can be missed or even misunderstood.

Whether it is an individual looking for a job, or a client with very specific staffing needs, Fitzgerald said that in order to be able to offer an appropriate response or solution, you have to really listen to what is being said rather than thinking of a clever response.

Fitzgerald offered five easy tips for improving verbal communication skills:

  • Ask questions to make sure that your understanding of the information is accurate.
  • Rather than texting or emailing a friend, acquaintance or family member, try picking up the phone or speaking with them face to face.
  • Rather than multitasking during a conversation, stay focused exclusively on what is being said.
  • Be “all ears” and let the other party know you are present and interested in everything they have to say.
  • In a professional conversation, you may want to end the dialogue by recapping what was discussed to ensure all parties are on the same page.

Having Great Communications Skills Begins By Listening

Donna Fitzgerald

Quote Source: Contemporaries, Inc.
Image Source: Pixabay.

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