Stepping Up and Shining Bright

by Jan 30, 2020

So you’re ready to take the next step in your career, to step up and let your most stellar self shine through. We can help! Continuing our focus this week on how to be a beacon for both others and yourself, today we’ll be examining even more ways to let your boss know you’re ready to take on more responsibilities in your workplace. Check out these highlights from the pros for some professional guidance.


H.V. MacArthur at Forbes offers up the following tip: “Think like a business owner. When we view ourselves as an employee, we tend to passively wait for the boss to tell us what they need. If you flip it around and view yourself as a business owner who just happened to set up shop under the broader umbrella of a company, you tend to be less reactive. In the business-owner mindset, you automatically plan for your business’s success, which involves knowing what impact you’d like to deliver in the coming year that supports your business’s mission.” This suggestion also highlights the collaborative nature of any workplace. You and your employer are working together to achieve your goals! Internalize that sense of ownership and we know all the work you produce will be your best.


Alex at The Muse provides a reminder that in order to be a real leader, you need to keep your colleagues’ needs in mind–not just your boss’s: “Look for Busy, Stressed Out Co-workers. Look for the people who need help, be it in other departments or in the cubicle next door, and offer to lend a hand. Make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of, though, or become a victim of a credit hog: those colleagues who will attempt to have you do their extra work, and then take all the credit. Learn to identify and avoid these people. Also, be sure not to overwhelm yourself with others’ work. If you’re risking neglecting your own responsibilities, you’re going too far.” Knowing yourself and your limits is a key component of both getting to know others and of excelling in any professional environment. Learning to be a leader in your workplace requires both.


Always be ready to learn–a key component to growing in your role enough to show your boss that you’re ready to take on more responsibilities is keeping an open mind. But also remember that you have your own unique strengths to offer, too! For instance, if you’ve discovered a new, more efficient way to complete workplace tasks, you can teach your tricks to your colleagues. With these and the above suggestions in mind, we’re certain that you’ll be able to rise to any challenge and shine.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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